The perfect pleasure of skiing can only be achieved with excellent glide. When the glide wax is long-lasting, fast, and easy to use, you can enjoy the best of skiing every time. Our Optiwax glide tapes are the number one choice, especially for beginners. Tape waxing can be done without any special waxing equipment and it results in almost racing level glide for up to 200 kilometers. The glide tapes are also widely used by ski racers – the durability has offered many great results in long ski marathon races. The glide tape is also the perfect choice for skiing holidays due to the fact that one single visit to the wax room offers great glide for many days. World class athletes also appreciate the extreme durability and ease-of-use of our Optiwax glide tapes. Optiwax has three different widths of glide tape for XC-skiing, alpine skiing, and snowboarding.

Glide tape - Waxing instruction

  • GLIDE TAPE 1 +5...-10°C

    GLIDE TAPE 1 +5...-10°C

    22,90 €
  • GLIDE TAPE 2 -5...-20°C

    GLIDE TAPE 2 -5...-20°C

    22,90 €
  • GLIDE TAPE 1, 40M +5...-10°C

    GLIDE TAPE 1, 40M +5...-10°C

    69,90 €
  • GLIDE TAPE 2, 40M -5...-20°C

    GLIDE TAPE 2, 40M -5...-20°C

    69,90 €
  • GLIDE TAPE 1, 250M

    GLIDE TAPE 1, 250M

    279,00 €
  • GLIDE TAPE 2, 250M

    GLIDE TAPE 2, 250M

    279,00 €