Optiwax Fluor powder products are made especially for racing. These cutting edge waxes are a combination of award winning technology, knowledge, and experience. This combination has resulted in fast, durable, and versatile powder waxes for racers who only want the best. Optiwax Fluor blocks can be used in multiple ways in race waxing. With simply three different blocks, you are able to create a world class glide for every condition. Together with a glide tape, Fluor blocks retain glide extremely long. That is why our Fluor blocks have been so popular among long distance racers. Optiwax Fluor blocks are a fast and easy way to create world cup level glide.

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  • FLUOR BLOCK 1 +4...-2°C, 15g

    FLUOR BLOCK 1 +4...-2°C, 15g

    99,90 €
  • FLUOR BLOCK 1 +4...-2°C, 5g

    FLUOR BLOCK 1 +4...-2°C, 5g

    49,90 €
  • FLUOR BLOCK 2 -2...-8°C, 15g

    FLUOR BLOCK 2 -2...-8°C, 15g

    99,90 €
  • FLUOR BLOCK 2 -2...-8°C, 5g

    FLUOR BLOCK 2 -2...-8°C, 5g

    49,90 €
  • FLUOR BLOCK 3 -8...-20°C, 15g

    FLUOR BLOCK 3 -8...-20°C, 15g

    99,90 €
  • FLUOR BLOCK 3 -8...-20°C, 5g

    FLUOR BLOCK 3 -8...-20°C, 5g

    49,90 €
  • FLUOR BLOCK +-0°C, 15G

    FLUOR BLOCK +-0°C, 15G

    119,90 €